Welcome to Spring on Cape Cod

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Phlox in bloomWhen winter wanes and hope springs eternal for warmth to return to Cape Cod, the hardy souls that endured the cold and gray eagerly watch for their favorite harbingers of the coming season. For us it is the first time we spot a bright yellow feather among the khaki ones on the male goldfinches, the opening of our favorite clam shacks, the return of the ospreys to their nests, and the song of the spring peepers. These transitional weeks are full of anticipation as we watch the sun ooze its shine to entice the crocuses to bloom and buds to form on forsythia and hydrangea bushes. The penultimate thrill is the day the street sweeper creeps its way up our hill to rid the road of the sand that kept us safe from mother nature’s snow and ice.

As innkeepers, however, spring means something entirely different. Now is the time for touch-up painting, window washing, rug cleaning, and garden prepping. The phones are jingling to life with guests planning their summer and fall vacations.

Our favorite attractions are opening this month as well.

There is definitely a buzz in the air on Cape Cod and we are happy to see the sun, the greening grass, budding trees, and blooming flowers. And we are looking forward to seeing our loyal guests at the Inn this year, and meeting new friends as well.

Welcome spring! We’re glad you’re back.