Sassy Glass Jewelry: Whimsical Wearable Art

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I should have known when my friend, Dawn, said “I’ve found a new craft for us Debbie” that I was in for an adventure. The two of us have undertaken a number of projects together, always with good results, but never without a hiccup or two. We stamped the walls of our guest half-bath with a split leaf philodendron stamp we created ourselves; applied a nautical saying in script to our luxury suite; festooned the vanity in our deluxe ocean-view room with bamboo appliqués; and most recently created a new line of jewelry we affectionately call “Sassy Glass”.

Using high-quality art paper, which we adhered to glass tiles in round, square, and rectangular shapes, we created stunningly beautiful and whimsical pendants. The process was relatively simple, though multi-layered and requiring several steps. We ordered the glass tiles, bails, adhesive, and chains online, but the paper came from our own personal collections we have for our hand-crafted line of greeting cards.

The fun began one afternoon here at the Inn, painstakingly cutting the papers to fit the tiles with an x-acto knife and cutting mat. We chose a variety of patterns and colors, hoping to create pendants in a rainbow of colors to match any outfit. We then applied the papers to the backs of the tiles with diamond glaze. Allowing the tiles to dry overnight, we next sealed the backs with the glaze, allowed them to dry again, and finished by adhering the silver bails. This multi-step process required several days, as each of us have other responsibilities we needed to attend to, but we rewarded ourselves with a glass of wine or two at the end of each working session.

The hardest part was waiting for the chains to arrive. We decided to offer three styles of necklaces to pair with the unique nature of each of the pendants. Some are more earthy and seem suited to a black leather necklace; others more delicate and feminine that work well with an organza ribbon. Still others seem just perfect when paired with a traditional silver neck chain.

Our “Sassy Glass” necklaces are now selling in the gift shop here for $15.00 ea. You can mix and match the pieces to create your own one-of-a-kind necklace to suit a particular mood or outfit. Choose a round, square, or rectangular pendant and a black leather, organza ribbon, or silver necklace to match.

So far the reaction from our guests has been fantastic, and we expect to sell out soon. But don’t worry, we have lots more paper to work with and plenty of wine to fortify our efforts. Come on down and visit us soon. It’s summer on Cape Cod and time to get “Sassy”.