Leap Year: An Excuse to Break the Rules About Valentine’s Day

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This year February has 29 days rather than the usual 28 because 2012 is a leap year. Every year divisible by four is a leap year (except those years divisible by 100, which are not leap years unless they are also divisible by 400, when they are again leap years. Confused? Read on.)

The purpose of a leap year is to keep the calendar year in sync with the astronomical year. You see it actually takes the earth 365 ¼ days to revolve around its sun. When the Romans realized this they implemented the first leap year in 46 B.C. Had they not, the calendar would be out of sync 28 days in every 100 years. That could mean that summer would eventually meld into fall and then winter and pretty soon we’d be shoveling snow in July rather than January.

However, adding ¼ day every four years is actually more than required for balance. Thus the need for the qualifier of being divisible by 400. At any rate, leap years being relatively rare deserve some special attention, and leap day itself is an opportunity to break all the rules. Rare = unique and breaking rules means non-conforming. Hence our uniquely original and non-conforming Inn has mandated that every day in February will be devoted to lovers, not just the predictable Valentine’s Day.

Check your Gregorian calendar for the best days for you and your honey to pack up the love train and head on down to Cape Cod for a romantic getaway at our beautiful inn by the sea. Book our “February is for Lovers” package and we’ll make sure all the essentials are in place for an unforgettable weekend (or weekday) of romance. The package includes:

  • Two nights in a spacious ocean-view room or fireplace suite.
  • Bottle of chilled champagne and chocolates in your room on arrival.
  • One-hour side-by-side in-room couples massage.
  • A 3-course gourmet dinner for two one night.
  • Breakfast by candlelight each morning.
  • Afternoon sweet treats.
  • Complimentary after dinner drinks at the Inn.

Rates range from $675 to $799 complete. Call today for best availability. 888-362-4441.