10 Reasons to Visit Cape Cod this Fall

In my humble opinion, fall is the ideal time to visit Cape Cod. The air is crisp, summer traffic has abated, and what remains is the true Cape Cod: salt, sand, sea, and sky in all their glorious perfection! As … Continue reading

17th Annual Cape Cod Maritime Days, May 2010

Cape Cod Maritime Days, sponsored jointly by the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce, the Cape Cod Commission, and the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod, celebrates the region’s rich maritime history. Now in its17th year, Maritime Days are comprised of numerous … Continue reading

Cape Cod Celebrates Its Bountiful Harvest, Part I: Spring

Winters are long on Cape Cod. Not necessarily cold, but often gray. Hence, one of our favorite winter pastimes is anticipating the arrival of spring and summer with their inherent seasonal offerings and requisite celebrations. Cape Cod is rife with … Continue reading