The Simple Pleasures of Life on Cape Cod

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Deck with BinocularsSo I’m up early this morning. Force of habit, I guess, as strangely we had no guests at the Inn last night. It being Monday night of Memorial Day weekend, I’m not surprised. Most everyone had to cross the bridge to return to “America” leaving their idyllic escape on Cape Cod behind. Back to reality, routine, and keeping pace with the rhythm that carries them day to day.

Anyhow, for the first time in the nearly 10 years we have been innkeeping on Cape Cod I have the pleasure of having coffee on the deck, reading the paper while listening to the birds singing, and enjoying the sunshine that evaded us until yesterday. Man I could get used to this.

The silence of the early morning, before alarm clocks chirp and buses swing by to pick up school children, is hypnotic. I am entranced by a humming bird at the feeder, the distant purr of cars cruising along scenic Route 6A, and the gentle burble of the fountains in the courtyard below. The blue sky and green grass seem more intense this morning, perhaps because of the gray of recent mornings.

The deck is freshly painted and the furniture scrubbed clean of winter’s grime. The hanging baskets and potted plants are basking in the sun. The bird feeders are filled and the bird bath ready for action. It is summer finally and we are ready. Ready to greet our guests with smiles, counsel them on the best ways to take in the beauty that is Cape Cod, serve them coffee and breakfast al fresco, and create an ambiance that affords them an opportunity to truly unwind and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Like coffee on the deck.