Look Who’s Lighting Up Route 6A on Cape Cod this Holiday Season

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Over the past several holiday seasons we’ve spent here at our Inn on Cape Cod, Rich and I have noticed an evolving new holiday tradition along scenic Route 6A, the old Kings Highway. Drive the route after dusk beginning around the Thanksgiving holiday and you’ll notice mammoth illuminated metal sculptures along the way depicting everything from the local high school’s mascot (a blue knight) to a tri-cornered colonial man, a juggler, and a chef.

Spearheaded by a local craftsman who specializes in glass blowing, these delightfully whimsical sculptures are the brainchild of Michael Magyar, owner of the Glass Studio on Cape Cod located on Route 6A in East Sandwich. He began with a sculpture for his own business and created “MotoSan the Glassblower” a 20 foot giant that looms outside his workshop greeting passersby. Soon after MotoSan appeared, several additional metal statues starting cropping up in front of local businesses along the route. Joining MotoSan was Teddy the Baseball player, a damselfly, a honeybee, a lobsterman, and a juggler. Now more than 2 dozen sculptures adorn the byway spawning a new holiday tradition of “statue spotting” the behemoths and identifying their relationship to the businesses they decorate.

This year the owners of the metal giants have banded together to try to capitalize on the phenomenon by creating a map depicting the location of each of the sculptures. The maps will be available at the Bee-Hive Tavern and other local businesses beginning the weekend of December 9.

You can preview the route on the map below, first published by the Cape Cod Times, along with photos of the sculptures on their website.