Cape Cod Innkeepers and the Red Chair Travels

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Like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants or Flat Stanley‘s trek around the world, the Red Chair is crisscrossing Cape Cod on a voyage of discovery. An assemblage of local innkeepers have banded together to assist the chair’s ramblings, and in the process have embarked on an adventure of our own.

This week we welcomed the Red Chair to West Barnstable, MA. She arrived without fanfare, undaunted by her trip thus far, and unencumbered by the usual trappings of world travel. It was our mission to introduce her to our historic hamlet by the sea.

Sandy Neck Beach seemed the best place to get started. Perhaps a brisk walk on the beach would put a blush on her cheek, and the airing out wouldn’t do us any harm either. Toting a red chair around causes a bit of a stir, and one intrepid park ranger queried the significance. We explained as best we could, then carried on exploring a few of the trails that wind their way through the marsh and dunes. Although she longed to play in the surf, the wind and waves proved to be too much for her, so she dallied a bit with the other chairs in the parking lot.

After our romp at the beach, we set off for the historic West Parish Meetinghouse. En route we passed by West Barnstable Tables and decided to stop. Here, housed in a large barn, 14 gifted craftsmen and women fashion beautiful hand-crafted furniture from salvaged antique buildings, boats, pianos and what-have-you. Unable to resist the juxtaposition of tables and chairs, we paused for a photo op.

Eventually we made it to the Meetinghouse where she paid homage to our servicemen and women and sat for a spell in the shadow of the bell tower and its gilded “Rooster” weathervane.

Our final stop was the West Barnstable train depot, where we parted ways with the Red Chair so that she might continue her journey. Our interlude had been brief, a whirlwind affair. She has miles to go and people to meet.

You can follow the Red Chair’s circumnavigation of Cape Cod at And you can see more photos on our Pinterest board  “Red Chair Travels Cape Cod“.