Harvesting Cranberries on Cape Cod

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Cape Cod Crambery Harvest

In early October, a couple from San Diego checked into the Inn specifically to experience a cranberry harvest. Purchased as a Christmas gift for his wife, the 3-night stay was part of a package designed to help her fulfill her lifelong dream of actually harvesting cranberries in a bog. As curious as this might be to some, I thought it was inspired, both as a gift and as a dream.

More and more baby boomers are traveling with a purpose these days. No longer content to simply sightsee, these active adults are eager for experiences that enrich their lives. For some this might mean participating in a cooking school in Paris, truffle hunting in Tuscany, or a Spanish language immersion program in Mexico. For Marcia, it meant getting down and dirty with some cranberry growers in Carver, MA. For her, and many travelers like her, it’s about authenticity.

Many of our Fall guests are interested in seeing a cranberry bog and would love to catch one being harvested. A while back I created a video that explains how cranberry bogs are harvested using the wet method. For those of you who might have missed it, you can view it on our You Tube channel. But other than Marcia, I have yet to see a guest actually put on waders, get in the bog and start corralling cranberries. Apparently she loved it, as can be seen in the smile on her face.Cape Cod Crambery Harvets 2

It got me thinking about creating opportunities for our guests to truly experience Cape Cod, not just see it but live it, if only for a day. How about Innkeeper for a Day, or Oyster Farmer for a Day?

If you have any ideas or suggestions for a true Cape Cod experience,  email us at info@thehighpointein.com or call us toll free at 888-362-4441.

And to Marcia, thanks for sharing your dream with us and for making it happen on your trip to Cape Cod.