When Magic Happens: A Cape Cod B&B Story

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Guests often asked us why/how we became innkeepers. It’s a long story, too long for this missive at any rate. But an easier question to answer is why do we continue to be innkeepers? And the simple answer is that magic happens here.

To wit: We received an email message from some frequent guests yesterday that epitomize the joy we get from inn keeping. Over Memorial Day weekend this year, we had a couple from Scotland visiting for six nights of their honeymoon. We also had one of our longtime favorite couples from the Boston area who come every year for a 3-night getaway over the long holiday weekend.

The two couples seemed to get along well over breakfast, trading stories and laughing easily with one another. The Boston couple left on Monday morning, but the honeymoon couple were with us for several more nights. On the day of their departure, we asked where they were going for the last few days of their trip. “We’re off to Boston,” they answered. “Any plans?” I asked. “We’re meeting Jamie and Mithra for lunch on Saturday.” How nice I thought. We always love it when strangers meet over our breakfast table and become friends by the time they leave us.

Just yesterday I got an email from Mithra, with the following message:

“I wanted to send you a picture of Colin, Cathy, Jamie and I when we met up in Boston the Saturday after Memorial Day weekend. We had such a great time that afternoon. We first walked to the North End and ate lunch there (that’s where the picture was made), and then we walked around the North End, and the entire harbor area. We didn’t want them to leave!”

I smiled broadly and continued to read:

“It’s a rare occasion when you meet people you get along with so well so quickly. It feels like we have made two instant lifelong friends! We hope to be able to plan some trips together in the future. We were all still aglow from our stay at the High Pointe Inn and we agreed wholeheartedly that you guys are awesome! They were jealous that we get to come to the inn every year. In any case, thanks for bringing us all together at the breakfast table!”

Goosebumps pricked my arms. “Magic.” I said to my husband, “Magic happens here.”

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