In a Cape Cod State of Mind

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Whether your first experience is in a cottage by the sea, a resort filled with amenities, or a warm and inviting bed and breakfast inn, you will always treasure the simple pleasure of being so close to sand dunes and salty air. Spend enough time on this mesmerizing peninsula, and it becomes a part of you, willing you to come back over the bridge time and again. Cape Cod, you might argue, is a state of mind.

The cover story in this month’s edition of Cape Cod Life magazine features Days Cottages, the iconic seaside cottages nestled cheek by jowl on historic route 6A in Truro, MA. Built in the 1930s, these 23 identical cottages have been featured on national TV commercials and numerous magazine covers, and have weathered even the most horrific of New England storms, including the Blizzard of ‘78. With Cape Cod Bay as their front yard, Days Cottages are a mere 18 feet apart and simply furnished: no televisions, no resort-type amenities. But with a fiercely loyal clientele their simple allure spans generations.

Each tiny two-bedroom cottage is named for a flower as ordained by the original owner’s wife, Amelia Days. For many returning guests, the simplicity of a no frills vacation by the sea is the idyllic choice for a family. Days are spent on the beach and nights are filled with the sounds of multiple generations playing games and sharing laughter.

I spent several summers on Cape Cod with my own family growing up. Though not at Days Cottages, our summer destination was Brewster and a cottage colony called Hopkins Cottages. Now long gone and replaced by condominiums, the memory of returning year after year to the same seaside shack and the thrill of meeting up with friends from the previous summer still warms my heart.

We have guests that come to our Inn every year, sometimes two and three times, sampling each season’s special delights. We welcome them like family and enjoy catching up with them like old friends. Though we may not have the longevity of Days Cottages, we are grateful for our growing list of loyal fans and hope to welcome new friends this year.